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ZH Technologies International Pte. Ltd. (ZHTI) is the joint venture partner and international marketing arm of Zhi Heng Technology Co., Ltd. Since its inception in Dec 2016, ZHTI markets a range of products and solutions internationally.

ZH Technologies International

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ZH Technologies International Pte Ltd (ZHTI) is the joint venture partner and international marketing arm of ZhiHeng Technology Co., Ltd. Since its inception in Dec 2016, ZHTI markets ZhiHeng's range of products and solutions internationally.

Established in July 2003 in Fujian Province, China, ZhiHeng is an integrated utilities solution provider specializing in remote metering, energy consumption reduction solutions and innovative IoT applications.

It was also awarded "Famous Brand of Fujian Province and Famous Trademark of Fujian Province", and included in the "China Smart Water Information System Construction and Application Guide" and "China Urban Water Supply Informatization System Engineering Guide". ZhiHeng has obtained dozens of national patents and software copyright, and has been identified as 'Promotion Projects of Scientific and Technological Achievements' by the National Ministry of Construction and Department of Construction of Fujian province.

ZhiHeng Technology Park, situated in Fuzhou City covers a land area of more than 200,000 square meters, comprising of research buildings of more than 60,000 square meters dedicated to the various departments and divisions such as Product innovation, R&D, Production, Incubation Centre, IoT and Big Data services. This provides a strong foundation for the sustainable development of company.

ZhiHeng works with established and reputable meter manufacturers, from both domestic and foreign brands to create a comprehensive remote metering and back-end services platform for its customers. ZhiHeng has introduced their products and solutions successfully in China for the past 14 years and has presence in 20 provinces, as well as over 200 cities including Fuzhou, Nanchang, Hunan, Guangzhou and Chongqing. ZhiHeng has deployed more than 3.5 million operating meters with pulse sensors. They continue to secure new projects in the Greater China region.

ZHTI's key technologies provide a comprehensive and sustainable way to effectively manage NRW. We offer product customization from simple meter data reading, to a full suite of data analytics software and billing solutions. With nearly 15 years of deploying our solutions on the ground, we are fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to serve our clients and cater to their every need.

ZHTI is also constantly engaging in extensive research and development, breaking new grounds and putting ourselves at the forefront of technological advancement. ZHTI is pioneering the integration of our solutions with the newest technologies such as NB-IoT to provide our clients with more secure, reliable, cost efficient and wider coverage of wireless transmission. ZHTI persistently strives for excellence and improvement to provide our clients the best solutions.

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