Water Monitoring Solutions (Commercial)

By harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) for data harvesting and big data technology for data analysis, ZHTI’s modular and customized solutions will not only cater to our clients’ needs but also help them transform current water management systems into an interconnected, user-friendly smart water management system.

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Wireless (LoRa MIU & Concentrator)

Wired/Wireless Water Management for BMS

Using LoRa concentrator linked up to a maximum of 100 MIUs mounted on Itron water meters with clear Light of Sight (LOS), this solution does not require any recurring charges. The concentrator will be located at the nearest FCC room and wired up via RS485 or RS232 directly connected into the computer which is inside the control room.

ZHTI’s latest innovation, the modular-designed Meter Interface Unit (MIU) with in-built patented pulse sensor, is able to fit on most inductive pulse-enabled water meters. The MIU can be latched onto existing water meters doing away with the need for a water meter replacement. It has the ability to collect and transmit accurate meter readings to the softwares, providing our clients with unprecedented real-time data transmission to the back-end devices.

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Wired (MBus Sensor & Converter)

Wired/Wireless Water Management for BMS

Using mbus cyble sensor mounted on water meter and connect to a mbus to modbus converter through wire. And the converter could direct connect to BMS system and send real-time modbus protocol data.


  • Increasing Operational Efficiency

    We provide our clients greater convenience by enabling automated tracking of real-time water meter readings which eliminates the need for extensive human work.

  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

    Our system is equipped with customized alarms that provide instant feedback to any abnormalities such as pipe leakages, abnormal usages and anti-tampering mechanisms to identify and reduce Non-Revenue Water.

  • Managing Water Conservation

    Our NRW and billing software systems are embedded with various analytical functions that generate statistical reports which are essential for developing water conservation strategies and policies.

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