Water Monitoring Solutions (Utilities)

By harnessing the power of IoT (Internet of Things) for data harvesting and big data technology for data analysis, ZHTI’s modular and customized solutions will not only cater to our clients’ needs but also help them transform current water management systems into an interconnected, user-friendly smart water management system.

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DMA Solution for Utilities

Optimising water data monitoring by creating efficient infrastructure

The District Metering Area (DMA) system consists of a water supply pipe network that is separated into various smaller districts based on geographical locations.

  • Metered consumption of each individual district will be aggregated into a virtual main meter
  • Net consumption of sub-meters is compared with the virtual main meter on a regular basis
  • The difference in meter reading between the net consumption of the sub-meters and the virtual main meter indicates potential water loss

By deploying ZHTI’s wireless hardware solutions like MIU, RMS, LFT, combined using ZHTI’s NRW SCADA, we help our clients achieve unprecedented efficiency in monitoring water systems.

ZHTI’s latest innovation, the modular-designed Meter Interface Unit (MIU) with in-built patented pulse sensor, is able to fit on most inductive pulse-enabled water meters. The MIU can be latched onto existing water meters doing away with the need for a water meter replacement. It has the ability to collect and transmit accurate meter readings to the softwares, providing our clients with unprecedented real-time data transmission to the back-end devices.

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The remote metering system consists of 3 main components working together to provide smart metering solution suitable to be used in commercial and residential units.

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With its ruggedized features, the large flow transmitter is designed to collect data from industrial meters and transmit wirelessly to the operator’s back-end server. It can be equipped with up to 3 sensors, eg. pulse (for flow measurement), acoustic and pressure sensor. Battery powered and waterproof, the unit can be installed inside a chamber with the existing flow meter and its antenna attached by magnet to the underside of the cover. Without the need to replace existing bulk meters, the large flow transmitter is able to provide cost effective upgrade to a smart monitoring system.

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  • Increasing Operational Efficiency

    We provide our clients greater convenience by enabling automated tracking of real-time water meter readings which eliminates the need for extensive human work.

  • Reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW)

    Our system is equipped with customized alarms that provide instant feedback to any abnormalities such as pipe leakages, abnormal usages and anti-tampering mechanisms to identify and reduce Non-Revenue Water.

  • Managing Water Conservation

    Our NRW and billing software systems are embedded with various analytical functions that generate statistical reports which are essential for developing water conservation strategies and policies.

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